What is a Nutricosmetic?

Sero is not just a Hair Vitamin. It is a Nutricosmetic which is an ingestible hair care product that creates longer, thicker and healthier hair from the internal cellular structure of the body.

There are multiple considerations to holistically understand haircare. Diet, environment and genetic predispositions are all factors. Traditional topical applications such as shampoos and conditioners provide only a temporary cosmetic solution that is not unlike the process of applying makeup. When soap or water is applied to the skin, the original flaws return.

SERO does not hide flaws temporarily, but rather provides a completely new base for healthy hair growth from inside the hair follicles. We think about it like a facelift that corrects problems, not covers them.

SERO is a  ‘Nutricosmetic’ specifically for hair-care that works from the inside, delivering a system of natural ingredients that solve many problems that consumers strive to solve, such as volume, moisture and overall hair health.

Our scalp has outer and inner layers. The epidermis is the outer, protective layer. As a matter of fact, it is constantly renewing and shedding itself. Technically hair outside the scalp is ‘dead’.

SERO delivers a system of natural ingredients to the live hair within the dermis. The dermis is the inner layer of the scalp that has a thick and complex structure and constitution. This is the place where all hair follicles, nerve endings, sebaceous and sweat glands, and blood capillaries and vessels are found, and where the nutrient system inside SERO is needed. Just as we care dearly about baby’s skin and get them organic baby pajamas, so we should care for our own skin of the scalp.

SERO leads a new category of Nutricosmetics that has often been overlooked by haircare professionals and consumers alike.

Here are some features and benefits:
-Fast Acting
-Increases Volume of Hair
-Drug Free
-Balanced Natural moisture within the Hair
-Stops shedding due to post-pregnancy, environment, bio-chemical changes from medication etc.
-Foundational hair strength
-Anti-Aging Properties


SERO PROFESSIONAL is the # 1 choice for Salon Professionals and can only be purchased from a licensed Professional!

This Means No Online Sales!


From Vidal Sassoon Iconic Legends to Visionary celebrity stylists, salon owners, booth renters and Super Moms.

Read what everyone is saying about Sero Professional.

“As a celebrity hair stylist, I get asked all the time what are my favorite products, and are there any pro insider tips to keeping hair healthy. I say yes, using high quality topical products will help make your hair look and feel great but that isn’t enough, I’m a firm believer that health starts from within. What I love about sero professional is that there are 42 natural ingredients, 100% vegan and gluten free. It’s the first professional supplement sold only in salons that helps with stressed, thinning, limp, over processed hair from styling, coloring and hair loss due to hormonal changes.”


One LA’s Most sought after Celebrity Stylists!

Instagram: @Jennychohair


Hairstylist & Hair Extension expert Giuseppe Franco Salon Beverly Hills.

Instagram: @Missyannartisttry

I recommend Sero to most of my Clients & everyone I care about! 10 months ago , before I started Taking Sero my Hair Was falling out in clumps and would not grow and had to add extensions. After a few months the shedding stopped and my hair has started growing . I get compliments on my hair all the time and tell everyone My Beauty Secret is SERO. My clients are obsessed with Sero! I love the integrity Sero has, by keeping this a Professional Salon product!

Stylist Missy Jones before Sero

9 months later


-Iconic 2nd Generation Beverly Hills Salon

-Founded By Vidal Sassoon Legends Henry Abel & Lee Tanaka

-Currently run By Henry’s Daughter Paris Abel & Lucy Schultz. Plus, a Roster of some Vidal Sassoon’s most Legendary Hair Stylists Who All Love Sero!

-Sero has been one of their Top Selling Retail Products for over 2 years!

Sam Diaz

Salon Manager AT TRAMP

“We sell on average 100 Bottles Per month. Many clients buy several Bottles at a time once they realize they can’t buy online!”

Henry Abell

Former Creative Director Vidal Sassoon
Founder of AT Tramp Salon

“Sero product has been extremely beneficial for a number of our clients especially clients with health issues and with male client’s hair loss, there has been a vast improvement. The results are very promising once it has built up in the system. Once our clients get started on Sero they won’t live without them. Being vegan is an added bonus! Selling this product has been very good for business;
1. They continue buying them
2. The hair is growing faster.
Overall this is an excellent product all round.”

“I’ve been a hairstylist for 40 years and Sero Professional is the most dynamic hair growth and restoration product out there. I have personally experienced the magic. My clients have noticed the differences in my hair, which makes it so easy to make that retail sale and recommend to all of my clients.”

Lee Tanaka

Former Creative Director Vidal Sassoon Founder of AT Tramp Salon

“I was first introduced to sero hair supplements by a colleague after complaining to her about my dry, limp thinning hair. She shared with me the results of some of her clients, it was impressive. I loved the fact that it’s natural and vegan and decided to give it a try. After about a month I started to see improvements, my hair seemed to have more life and body. 4 months in and I am thrilled and honestly shocked with how good the results are. Less hair fall, more body and my hair seems to have gotten thicker. I now recommend this to all my guest.”

Lucie Doughty

Creative Director/ Award Winning Colorist

“Sero is a consistent Seller , Really love the results I see from my clients who take is consistently. Highly recommend this product for any upscale salon & Stylists who think outside the Box . The Complimentary PK & Cutting classes they have offered my Salon have been Incredible.”

Mikal Bishay

Master Stylist / West-side’s most sought after Hair Dresser Retail King of Santa Monica.

“I am a 52 year old hairstylist post menopausal woman and felt my hair was getting thinner. As a vegan it’s hard to find a vegan hair supplement. Since I have been using Sero I have stopped shedding and my hair is feeling thicker. I love this product and I am an advocate to have my salon represent this.”

Amanda Shuttleworth

Celerity hairstylist, Extension Specialist
Benjamin Salon / Weho

“Recently I had a client drive 20 miles to buy my entire supply of Sero!” Sero is a Very Unique Product that does very well at our salon. I love That it’s not sold online. The Support from Sero has been expectational, we had 2 amazing cutting classes and free samples for all the stylists to try.”

Sean Cunningham

Owner & Master Stylist of Apex Salon Bel Air , CA

“We & our Clients are obsessed with Sero!”

Chrissy & Lisa Zogaltwins

Twin Celebrity Stylists at Apex Salon Bel Air


“I only use products that support our high standards of quality, trustworthiness and reliability! Sero has become one of my Top Selling Products. The results I am seeing on my Clients is amazing. The Cutting & PK Brian gave us was brilliant!”

Don Carrol

Owner of Dej Salon. Dej Salon, one of the most progressive hair salons in the San Fernando valley

“Sero is an excellent Seller In our salon , It’s Been a While since I have seen a product I have been this Excited about. The Education class we got from Brian was Epic!”

Omar Spina

Owner : John Italy Salon / Westlake Village. (One of the Biggest salons in LA! ) Former Redken Educator & Platform artist

“Being that I am a seasoned stylist of 40 years I would have to say 3/4 of my clients complaints are consisting of… ” Why is my hairline changing and where is the integrity of my hair that I used to have in my youth? Of course being that I was in the same position as they were… My response would sometimes be. If I could wave a magic wand all of us would have better hair. I’m happy to say that since I have been exposed and educated with Sero I finally have the answer for all of us. Being a bit of a cynic I decided to use the product for 30 days before exposing it to my clients. What was stated to me was true. I saw results happening within three weeks. I gave it a month and started exposing my clients to it. I have before and after pictures for some and verbal testimonies from others. I myself have been using the product for a year and what I thought would remain as baby hairs around the recession point of my hairline are now 6 inches long . I have clients purchasing it for family members as well even if they are not my clients. I also have clients that are taking it just to soften their gray along with skin and nails. Yes being the cynic that I am I have not been able to find it online and I guarantee my clients that they will not as well. I even have a client in the medical profession who is a licensed anesthesiologist and she was not able to purchase it as well on line. My husband and I are nutrient and vitamin fanatics. We spend a lot of money every month on our health. It was nice to be able to stop taking some of those nutrients individually and I see a difference in the way that they are combined. It has helped greatly on the pocketbook. My stylist around me who did not want to get involved had their clients purchase it from me. Now that they see how much profit I am making they too are representing it. Hoping it will still be available to us as my clients and I will remain using it as best we can. Thank you for sharing it.”

Diane England

Booth Renter at Salon rouge. Busiest Hair Stylist in Thousand oaks!

“I tried this product after having thyroid issues and my hair was suffering from it. It was shedding like crazy and my naturally thick wavy hair was becoming thin and limp. After the first month my hair started feeling and looking back to normal! I have not stopped taking Sero Professional ever since and I recommend this product to all of my clients and literally to everyone. As a independent hair colorist/stylist, my business thrives on retail sales, Sero Professional is a significant part of my income.”

Anna Citrin

Stylist at Trim Salon / Venice

“I love Sero! My Clients who are currently using Sero Love it! My Hair is denser & Shinier. My Skin is Silky Smooth from the Inside. Hardly need to use any lotions!”

Tonia Jost

Master Hair Artist, Colorist & Stylist Owner of Tonia Salon in Burbank, CA Instagram:


“I love The results I have been getting from Sero on myself & My Clients. One of my clients who is battling Cancer used to regrow her hair the results are miraculous.”

Dana Clark

Master Celebrity
Colorist Founder of DINO CLARK SALON in Santa Monica

Sero Professional Nutricosmetic Is the Best Product in the Beauty Industry!

For every salon & stylist who truly care about their clients and want to give themselves a huge competitive advantage!

Sero Professional is distributed in
The Greater Los Angeles area by:
Mike Johles

If you’re interested in bringing Sero to your salon Call Mike @ 310-415-0742

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