LA SHEAR distributes the Finest Japanese Shears and tools. for Professional Hair Stylists since 1997.

About LA Shear

LA SHEAR distributes the Finest Japanese Shears for Professional Hair Stylists.

An authorized dealer of Hikari , Kasho & Kikui Shears Since 1997.

The most reputable Japanese scissors in the Beauty Industry!

We’ll visit your salon in The L.A. Greater area & let you try a shears before you buy.

We can also help you purchase your perfect shear over the phone!

Check out Shop Page for the Hottest tools such as Authentic Ibiza Brushes & YS Park Combs & Clips, Razors, Shear cases , Blow Dryers & Flat Irons .

LA SHEAR helps Salons who want to Retail Ibiza Hair Brushes receive a VIP experience .

Reviews from our Japanese shear clients

This page represents just a few reviews we’ve gotten for distributing the finest Japanese shears for over 22 years.

Learn about our story through our actual reviews. We look forward to your LOVE in the future.

Great scissors and customer service!! Thanks
Kim Lass
Kim Lass
Anuh Shiroor
Anuh Shiroor
Quality shears and great customer service! You can’t go wrong with Hikari shears and Ibiza Brushes
Aurora Salon
Aurora Salon
I have been wanting to buy qulity shears for years but was stalling because I didn’t have enough knowledge on how to buy within my budget and cutting needs. Amazon reviews can only take you so far. I have asked stylists in the past but because I need them only for split ends, and trimming my young daughter’s long hair, their suggestions weren’t realistic for me. Mike was able to help me find appropriate shears and was super responsive and helpful. I finally felt confident enough to make the purchase. I cut my daughter’s hair this week, and the shears were fantastic. It was so easy and her ends look so good now. Many thanks to Mike for helping me figure this out. Sincerely, I have been interested in getting good shears for years. I’m really grateful to Mike for helping me do so.
Caia Gmail
Caia Gmail
Mike is super knowledgeable about all the tools he offers and is really helpful in making the best decisions for you’re specific needs.
Mike has has extensive selections of shears and accessories.Incredibly helpful and responsive.super happy with my KASHO shears.
Art Jeb
Art Jeb
Mike from LA Shear has been so helpful in finding the perfect pair of Hikari scissors for me. He has given me the option to test out the scissors I wanted (multiple times) & was so patient with me while I sorted out finances. These babies really are top-notch & I am beyond excited to have such a nice pair of scissors in my arsenal. Mike gave me a few options to pay in payments &/or finance through PayPal which was all helpful in making a decision. I really appreciate Mike & I know many other hairstylists who recommend him in the industry. I won’t go anywhere else for scissors moving forward!
Ashlee Murray
Ashlee Murray
I am based out of North Carolina and purchasing shears online was very intimidating. Being able to communicate with Mike about my needs as a stylist made me feel very confident with making such a big purchase. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient and took the time to answer all my questions. I just received my Hikari K60 and 777 texture shears yesterday and I am in heaven!!! They are perfect!!! I look forward to working with Mike again on future purchases. 😊✌🏻
Laura Baxley
Laura Baxley
Sade B
Sade B
Robin B
Robin B
I HIGHLY recommend working with Mike and LA SHEAR if you want the best tools. Purchasing high-quality tools during a pandemic, over the internet, without seeing them can be terrifying. That is until I started working with Mike. I did the research and had the basics ready (craftsmanship, steel quality, tempering, handle choices, etc.) so when I spoke with Mike the first time I knew I had found the right person. He truly cared about the decision I was making – finding the right shears for me. My cuts are cleaner, faster, growing out better, and the shears fit perfectly in my hand – what more can you ask for?! Thank you, Mike!!
Melonie Hedlund
Melonie Hedlund
L.A. Shears and Mike Johles are a true representation of customer service, professional product and equipment knowledge. Mike represents Hikari Scissors and Ibiza brushes the a way that these brands should be completely proud of!
Daniel Penn
Daniel Penn
Great shears, amazing service. Would definitely recommend. 5 stars!
Michael and Aaron have been servicing my shears since year 2000, and I have purchased 3 shears from them since then. Michael has always been patient with all my questions and very informative. I appreciate his listening skills in delivering what I ask for and making sure its a good fit. I will always go to LA Shear for my scissor needs. Thank you for always being honest and educational.MindfullyMari
Marisol Jacquot
Marisol Jacquot
Mike helped me pick out the perfect shears. It’s changing the game. Best shears ever!
Such a great experience. Took the time to help me find the perfect shears for me. Showed up in two days and I love them! Amazing communication throughout the process on shipping and making sure i love them! Thanks so much!
Laura Wray
Laura Wray
After my kit got stolen from my car and all of my tools taken, Mike was extremely accommodating, helpful, and knowledgeable in helping me rebuild my new kit. Would definitely recommend.
I excited to share my experience with LA Shear!If you’re looking for an experience person to educate you about shears, LA Shear is where to buy from. I’ve been in the business since 1992. Yes, I know it’s a long time, but I love what I do! I’ve ever talked to someone that knew so much about shears before! He steered me to the perfect shears for me. I could have easily spent more, but he knew what shears I needed for the type of cutting I do. I will definitely be buys more shears from LA Shear in the future!Plus he drives to you! You can’t be that for service!
john slover
john slover
It’s a shame I can only leave 5 stars for Lashears having had a fantastic experience buying/replacing my Kasho Millennium shears I had lost to a salon thief a few years ago so I am super happy to hold them again.Mike was very knowledgeable, passionate and genuinely interested in ensuring my needs were met so I will definitely be calling Mike for my shears, brushes and combs.Thank you Mike and everyone at LA Shears⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
William Hanna
William Hanna
Hikari are excellent shears! They are sharp, precise and long lasting. Mike is knowledgeable, trustworthy and catering to your needs! Great products, great service!
thi nguyen
thi nguyen
After doing some research, I knew I wanted to purchase Hikari shears and was introduced to Mike of LA Shear. From beginning to end, he made the experience of purchasing my shears most pleasant, as he was accommodating of my schedule, came to my salon, and had extensive knowledge of the products in order to help me find the right pair for my needs. After deciding on two pairs of shears, he even threw in some YS Park combs and Ibiza brushes to try! He has helped colleagues of mine in the same way. Very happy with everything, thank you!
Amina Persson
Amina Persson
Mike was excellent, love my shears, he is very attentive, Extremely professional.
denny ramirez
denny ramirez
Glamour Love
Glamour Love
Mike was extremely knowledgeable And professional in handling my order ! I love my 2 new shears ! The Trendy 741 will def take ur work to another level!So happy I was referred to him! Love my Ibiza brush and extras goodies ! Happy stylist ! 😊
Dina Kostas
Dina Kostas

The most reputable Japanese scissors in the Beauty Industry!

We’ll visit your salon in The L.A. Greater area & let you try a shears before you buy.

We can also help you purchase your perfect shear over the phone!

Check out Shop Page for the Hottest tools such as Authentic Ibiza Brushes & YS Park Combs & Clips, Razors, Shear cases , Blow Dryers & Flat Irons .

We Help Salons Retail Ibiza Brushes to their Clients to create extra income.




The Sagano shear is our number one selling Kasho because of its amazing value , quality & price!

Attention professional hair stylists! Meet the KASHO Sagano Series - the hair shears that are destined to become your most treasured styling tools. Here's why:

  • Handcrafted quality: Each Sagano shear is made with the utmost care and attention to detail. You can trust that these shears will perform flawlessly with every cut.
  • High-end materials: The blades of the Sagano series are forged from ATS-314 stainless steel, which is the ideal steel for hair shears. The unique "samurai sword" style/hollow-ground front blade and convex/hollow-ground back blade allow you to cut more hair in a single stroke.
  • Precision sharpness: The precision sharpness of the Sagano series lasts, even with constant use. You'll be able to rely on these shears for precise and clean cuts every time.
  • Smooth operation: The integrated ball-bearing system ensures that shear tension is perfected and that the shears operate smoothly.
  • Exceptional comfort: The offset handle design with curved, built-in tang and finger notch makes Sagano exceptionally comfortable to hold and use.
  • Elegant design: For an elegant touch, Sagano features a ceramic inlay of the KASHO logo.
  • Available in 5.5", 6.0", 6.5", and 7.0" lengths.
  • 100 % Satisfaction guarantee & will last a lifetime with proper service!

Inspired by Japan's national treasure, the famous Sagano Bamboo Forest, the KASHO Sagano Series is a must-have for any hair stylist who wants the best tools for the job. Try them out and see the difference for yourself

Kikui Cobalt Ergo F (CO-F)


The Ergo is our Top Selling Kikui Shear!

Excellent for Wet & Dry Cutting.

Extremely comfortable handle , with 3D construction, snug built in tang.

Design to fit your hand like a glove. Automatically Places your fingers & hand in a perfect Ergonomic position to relieve stress on your wrists.

Every Stylist should have this workhorse in their collection.

By adding a unique twist to the design, the handle maintains superior grip, even at various angles. This model represents an unprecedented balance in fit , flexibility & a slim blade which is why it’s so Popular.

?Cuts the straightest Line and Holds and Edge like Other.

  • 6.0 size is our best seller, its light weight and great for Precision work and accuracy .
  • 6.3 size has a little more weight to it , is more powerful and will give you more speed.

We can also add custom Metallic Black, Matt Black or Gold Finish to shear. There is an additional $200 charge and takes 4-6 weeks on average. Click here to learn more about Custom color finish or choose what color you like in check out .



Kasho Millennium ShearChoose the Millennium shear by Kasho for the ultimate in precision, performance, durability & light weight.

The Best Shear Kasho Makes!

If you're a professional hairstylist in search of a top-of-the-line shear that will give you precision and durability, look no further than the Millennium shear by Kasho. Here are some of the key benefits of this shear that will make it an essential tool in your salon:

  • Made from ultra-premium "Super Gold 2" or SG2 stainless steel, the Millennium shear is crafted using powder metallurgy, which atomizes the steel alloy ingredients before turning them into steel under intense heat and pressure. The result is a high-quality, durable shear that can maintain an exquisitely sharp edge for longer than other shears on the market.
  • The Millennium shear is equipped with KASHO's patented Disc Operation System, providing the smoothest operation of any shear you've ever used. This system ensures the ultimate precision and performance when cutting hair.
  • Designed for right-handed use, the Millennium shear comes in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, including offset sizes of 5.5", 6.0", and 6.5", and straight sizes of 5.3" and 6.2".
  • For even greater durability and style, select Millennium shears come with a Diamond-Like Black Carbon Coating that is stunning in offset sizes of 6.0" and 6.5".

The Millennium shear is the top choice for some of the world's most renowned stylists! Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your tools.

Design Master Texturizers


Kikui Texture scissors provide a soft touch to cuts while maintaining a superb edge.

You wont be able to live with out it!
  • Kikui thinning scissors are excellent for :
  • Blending
  • Taking out weight
  • Effortless Texture
  • Able to Slide cut the hair and create & carve beautiful shapes
  • Wont frizz hair or cause damage like cheap thinning shears.
  • Beautiful Finish , Almost cheating its so easy !
  • One of our top selling shears!

Kikui Shark 12T Thinner Texturizers


The Kikui Shark Texture shear is an essential tool every stylist should have in their Tool kit! The Kikui Shark Texture shear effortlessly takes out weight and gives beautiful texture. The Best Chunker Texture shear in the Industry, The Crème de la crème!

  • Great to soften the hair .
  • Huge time saver.
  • Slides through hair effortlessly allowing you to carve beautiful shapes.
  • You can take out a small amount of hair or be very aggressive.
  • Very easy to control.

We can also add custom Metallic Black, Matt Black or Gold Finish to shear. There is an additional $200 charge and takes 4-6 weeks on average. Click here to learn more about Custom color finish or choose what color you like in check out .



Kasho Chrome : I always recommend the Chrome to stylists who are on a tight budget and want the best.

Cuts like a Kasho!

Introducing the KASHO Chrome series - a stunning range of professional hair shears designed to win your heart and your clients' admiration. Discover the amazing features of these shears and take your hairstyling skills to the next level:

  • Winner of the international Reddot Design Award, Chrome's stylish ergonomic curves offer exceptional cutting control and unparalleled comfort, making it the perfect cutting tool for any hair stylist.
  • Handcrafted in Japan with premium Japanese stainless steel, the semi-convex blade is incredibly sharp and durable, ensuring an immaculate cut every time.
  • The flat-screw tension system gives you the Smoothest control
  • Beautiful satin finish, the Chrome series is not only functional but also an elegant addition to your hair-styling toolkit.
  • Chrome comes in offset handles measuring 5.5" and 6.0", perfect for any stylist's preference.

Invest in the KASHO Chrome series and discover the ultimate cutting experience.

KASHO 12 Shear Zipper Case

Introducing the KASHO 12 Shear Zipper Case, the ultimate storage solution for your hairstyling tools. Crafted from genuine leather, this case offers both style and durability. With its various pockets, you can conveniently organize and protect up to 12 shears. The zip closure ensures secure storage, keeping your shears in place. The KASHO 12 Shear Zipper Case measures 6 x 1 x 10.5 inches, providing ample space for all your essential tools. Key Features:
  • Genuine leather construction for style and durability
  • Multiple pockets for convenient shear storage
  • Secure zip closure
Take your hairstyling professionalism to the next level with the KASHO 12 Shear Zipper Case. Keep your shears organized, protected, and easily accessible. Upgrade your hairstyling toolkit today!

Anemos Blow Dryers | Pink

The Lightest Dryer with the Most Power!
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Elchim Quality , Made in Italy!
  • Weighs Only 10 ounces yet packs a Punch!
  • Pink is Irresistible , Sexy , Fun & gets you Noticed .
  • Excellent for adding flavor to your Social Media posts.

Anemos Blow Dryers | Black

The Lightest Dryer with the Most Power!
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Elchim Quality , Made in Italy!
  • Weighs Only 10 ounces yet packs a Punch!
  • Black Color Is Sleek , Sexy and Professional!
  • Excellent for adding flavor to your Social Media posts.

Elchim Run Dryer


8th Sense Run hair dryer by Elchim, The Porsche of Blow Dryers.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 5000 hour or 5 Years before Service
  • Made in Italy by 74 year old Company
  • The Ultimate Blow Drying Experience!

Y.S Park Ion Diffuser, Neck Brush 504 and Golden Balance Mirror PACKAGE

The Advantage YS Package Deal kit The YS PARK: Golden Balance Mirror Diffuser Neck Brush These 3 tools will give you a Competitive advantage. Your Clients Will gasp with ecstasy when you Open your YS PARK Golden Balance mirror and showcase your Hair Art in the Style you have been designing. This Mirror will create a Moment of Zen that you share with your Customers using Golden Balance Mirror Technology! The YS PARK 504 Neck brush Looks amazing and feels great to your clients and your` hand. The YS Park diffuser is the Ultimate secret to create Luscious Curls and saves you time. Why not treat you & your Clients to all three? They are made in Japan and designed to last. They will give you and your Tribe many years of Joy!

Y.S. Park Shark Clips

Introducing the PowerHold Long Hair Clip: Essential for long unruly hair: The PowerHold Long Hair Clip is an essential tool for taming and managing long, unruly hair. Made of anodized aluminum: Crafted from durable anodized aluminum, this clip is built to last.
  • Finger length: With a length of 4.2 inches, this clip is designed to match the length of your fingers, providing a comfortable grip and optimal control.
  • Curved contour: The clip is curved to perfectly fit the contour of the head, ensuring a secure and precise hold.
  • Grip holes: Equipped with grip holes, this clip secures the hold and prevents slipping during styling.
  • Extra firm grip: Experience an extra firm grip that keeps even the most stubborn hair in place.
  • Super strong stainless steel spring: Featuring a super strong stainless steel spring, this clip provides ultimate durability and reliable performance.
  • Strongest clip in the world: The PowerHold Long Hair Clip boasts the title of the strongest clip in the world, delivering unrivaled strength and hold.
  • Amazing hold and feel: Enjoy the amazing hold and feel of this clip, offering both functionality and style.
  • Mad style and magical colors: Embrace the mad style and choose from a range of magical colors to add a touch of personality to your styling routine.
  • Effortless application: Designed for ease of use, this clip effortlessly goes in and out of hair without snagging or pulling.
  • Sold individually: Each clip is sold individually, allowing you to personalize your collection.
Discover the power and strength of the PowerHold Long Hair Clip. Take control of your long, unruly hair with its amazing hold and feel. Order yours today!

18 Shear Leather Case #6034

Introducing the 18 Shear Leather Case #6034, the ultimate storage solution for hairstylists with an extensive shear collection. Crafted from 100% leather, this case offers durability and style. With its capacity to hold up to 18 shears, you can keep your tools organized and easily accessible. The strong zipper ensures secure closure, keeping your shears protected. The case also features an exterior zipper pocket for additional storage. Key Features:
  • 100% leather construction for durability and style
  • Holds up to 18 shears
  • Strong zipper for secure closure
  • Exterior zipper pocket for added storage
Elevate your hairstyling professionalism with the 18 Shear Leather Case #6034. Keep your shears organized, protected, and ready for any styling challenge. Upgrade your hairstyling toolkit today and experience the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication!

Y.S. Park 339 Fine Basic Comb – Top Seller

Introducing the Y.S. Park 339 Fine Basic Comb – The Ultimate Styling Tool Why Choose the Y.S. Park 339 Fine Basic Comb:
  • Perfect for short hair and men's cuts, the top choice among hairstylists worldwide.
  • Experience the original and first standard Y.S. Park comb, trusted by professionals.
  • Enhanced sectioning: Shortened first tooth for effortless and precise parting.
  • Unparalleled control: Innovative grip-enhancing holes double as measuring devices (5 holes = 2 inches).
  • High-temperature resilience: Withstands heat up to an impressive 428 F, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Square teeth design for optimal detangling and styling results.
  • Compact and versatile: Length of 7.1 inches makes it ideal for on-the-go touch-ups.
  • Choose from a wide range of vibrant colors to express your unique style: Mint Green, Black, Blue, Blueberry, Camel, Emerald Green, Graphite, Green, Lavender Green, Peach, Pink, Pomegranate Red, Purple, Red, White.
Upgrade your styling game with the Y.S. Park 339 Fine Basic Comb. Order yours today and experience professional-quality results like never before.

Y.S. Park 335 Super Long Fine Comb – Top Seller

The Y.S. Park 335 Super Long Fine Comb: Your Must-Have Styling Essential
  • Specialty: One of Y.S. Park's top-selling combs, a must-have in your toolkit
  • Similar to the 339 comb, but with longer teeth and spine for medium and long hairstyles
  • Length: 8.5 inches for optimal versatility and precision
  • Teeth: Square, perfect for finely detailed work
  • Parting Head: Shortened first tooth for effortless sectioning
  • Heat Resistant: Withstands temperatures up to 428°F
  • Holes: Each hole acts as a measuring device (5 holes = 2 inches), providing grip and control
  • Available Colors: Mint Green, Black, Blue, Camel, Graphite, Green, Pink, Pomegranate Red, Purple, Red, White
Elevate your styling game with the Y.S. Park 335 Super Long Fine Comb. Perfect for achieving flawless hairstyles, this comb combines precision, durability, and convenience, making it an essential tool for every stylist.

Y.S. Park Pro Clips

Introducing the Y.S. Park Pro Clips:
  • Essential for your toolkit: The Y.S. Park Pro Clips are a must-have for every hairstylist's tool kit.
  • Finger-length design: Designed to match the length of your fingers, these clips provide comfort and control during styling.
  • Curved contour: The clips are curved to perfectly fit the contour of the head, ensuring secure and precise sectioning.
  • Grip holes: Featuring grip holes, these clips provide a secure hold and prevent your fingers from slipping while styling.
  • Super strong spring: Built with a stainless steel spring, these clips offer durability and reliable performance.
  • Premium materials: Made of anodized aluminum, these clips combine strength and style.
  • Amazing hold and feel: Experience the incredible hold and feel of these clips, designed with mad style and available in magical colors.
  • Trusted by stylists worldwide: These clips have been a top seller for over 20 years and are trusted by stylists all over the world.
  • Length and contour: The clips perfectly match the length of your fingers and contour to the shape of the head for effortless styling.
  • Sold individually: Each clip is sold individually, allowing you to customize your collection.
Experience the power and style of the Y.S. Park Pro Clips. Upgrade your hairstyling game with these addictive and versatile clips. Order yours today!

Kasho Blades

Introducing Kasho Blades: Unleash Precision and Performance!
  • Available in convenient cartons of 50 blades and boxes of 10 blades
  • Hair-clog resistant design prevents buildup between blade and synthetic comb
Experience the pinnacle of precision and performance with Kasho Blades. With options for 50 blades in a carton or 10 blades in a box, these blades provide convenience and longevity. The innovative design ensures that hair won't get clogged between the blade and synthetic comb, allowing for uninterrupted cutting. Elevate your cutting experience and achieve flawless results with Kasho Blades. Upgrade your toolkit and unleash the power of precision today!

Feather Plier Razor

Introducing Feather Plier Razor: Redefining Precision in Hair Styling!
  • The epitome of advanced replacement blade razors for the true razor purist
  • Enables accurate and proficient execution of various straight razor cutting techniques
  • Thin, lightweight design with impeccable balance for unparalleled handling
  • Precisely engineered for superior quality, feel, and performance
Elevate your hair styling game with the Feather Plier Razor, the pinnacle of replacement blade razors designed for razor purists like you. Experience the precision and mastery of every straight razor cutting technique with unrivaled accuracy and proficiency. The Plier Razor's thin and lightweight construction, combined with its impeccable balance, ensures effortless control and unparalleled handling. Meticulously engineered to deliver the highest quality feel and exceptional performance, the Plier Razor sets a new standard in hair styling. Please note, Feather Plier Razor Blades are sold separately in packs of 20. Explore the Razor Blade section to complete your arsenal of hair styling tools today!

Design Straight Razor

Introducing Design Straight Razor: Master the Art of Razor Cutting!
  • Versatile straight handle design for maximum control
  • Lightweight and perfect for a variety of razor cutting techniques
  • A must-have tool for every stylist's kit
Unlock the full potential of your razor cutting skills with Design Straight Razor. Its versatile straight handle design allows for multiple gripping styles, granting you unparalleled control. Crafted with lightweight materials, this razor is ideal for a wide range of cutting techniques. Elevate your hairstyling game with the must-have tool trusted by professionals. Upgrade your toolkit and achieve razor-cutting perfection with Design Straight Razor today!

Antidot Pro Scalp – 1L Bottle (Free Shipping)


Antidot Pro Scalp stops Itching , Burning, redness & discomfort from Hair Color & Chemical Hair Treatments.

1# in the Industry with over 15 milliona treatments!
  • Favorite of Celebrity Colorist Tracy Cunningham & Meche Salon in Beverly Hills and used by Top Salons and Colorists around the World.
  • Uses Essential Oils and Their Patented A12 and Scalp Guard Technology. Actually Improves Color By Giving More Shine and Condition.
  • Gives you the Competitive advantage by giving your clients a more Comfortable and luxurious experience during their Color Services.
  • Easy to use. 1 part Antidot to 6 parts color , or 1 to 4 for very sensitive scalps. See Video below for More Detailed Explanation

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LA SHEAR is a trusted distributor of high-quality shears for hair stylists, serving the Greater Los Angeles Area, San Fernando Valley, and Southern California. With years of experience, the company has assisted thousands of customers in purchasing the perfect shears, including cosmetology students and celebrity stylists.

One of the unique aspects of LA SHEAR is their personalized service. Owner Mike Johles will personally visit your salon to consult with you on finding the perfect shears for your unique needs and budget. This includes trying out the shears before you buy, ensuring that you make an informed decision.

LA SHEAR also offers easy payment plans for customers looking to spread out the cost of their purchase.

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