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Y.S Park Ion Diffuser, Neck Brush 504 and Golden Balance Mirror PACKAGE

The Advantage YS Package Deal kit The YS PARK: Golden Balance Mirror Diffuser Neck Brush These 3 tools will give you a Competitive advantage. Your Clients Will gasp with ecstasy when you Open your YS PARK Golden Balance mirror and showcase your Hair Art in the Style you have been designing. This Mirror will create a Moment of Zen that you share with your Customers using Golden Balance Mirror Technology! The YS PARK 504 Neck brush Looks amazing and feels great to your clients and your` hand. The YS Park diffuser is the Ultimate secret to create Luscious Curls and saves you time. Why not treat you & your Clients to all three? They are made in Japan and designed to last. They will give you and your Tribe many years of Joy!

Y.S. Park Ion Diffuser



  • Large: 5-inch mesh (allows a larger pocket of air for reduced drying time)
  • Small: 3.5-inch mesh (smaller pocket of air for thin or fine hair/ Great for Treatments)
  • For the Ultimate Curls
  • Perfectly fits ANY hand dryer with an Adjustable strap.
  • Featherweight
  • Won’t break or cause damage
  • Space Age Heat resistant nylon mesh is coated with silver & titanium
  • Produces negative ions and removes static electricity
  • Dramatically Reduces drying time & adds Moisture definition to curls.
  • Designed & Made in Japan by YS PARK!

The YS Park Diffuser helps you create the Ultimate Curls. Space Age Heat resistant nylon mesh is coated with silver & titanium which Dramatically Reduces drying time & ads Moisture & adds definition to curls.  Produces negative ions and removes static electricity. It has an adjustable Strap and fits any dryer. Must-Have Tool, You won’t be able to live without!

Y.S. Park Neck Brush 504



  • This ads Such Style to your presentation
  • Feels Wonderful on your Clients Neck
  • Japanese Wood Gives Style and Performance
  • 19 Lines x 5 Rows
  • Brush Length: W 6.0 x L 10.0
  • Bristle Length W 6.0 x L 4.0
  • White Horse Bristles

Designed & Made in Japan by YS PARK!

The Y.S. Park 504 Neck Brush is made with all-natural White Horse bristles. This ad such a Touch of Class. Looks Magical, feels great to your clients and in your hand. Sized to suit all needs; the bristles are made of Horsetail mane to gently remove fine, short hair stubble. No Horses were harmed in creating these!

Y.S. Park Golden Balance Mirror

  • Creates the ultimate view of your Hair Art.
  • Rounded handle Easy makes easy to open
  • Golden Balance Mirror gives Hair a Magic Look.
  • Leather-like feel
  • Closed: H 8.3in x W 13.6in
  • Open: H 8.3in x W 27.2in
  • Designed & Made in Japan by YS PARK!
The YS PARK GOLDEN BALANCE MIRROR is the Ultimate Tool to showcase your work. This uses A Golden Balance Mirror which enhances one's looks and creates a Film like an Appearance. When you Open the Mirror, You give your Clients a Climactic Experience that will enhance what you have created. They will be Blown away when they notice all the details you put in your masterpiece. A Dramatic Way to impress!