LA Shear is an authorized dealer of Hikari shears in Los Angeles and Southern California since 1997. has built its reputation on connecting professional hairdressers with the finest shears available. Mike Johles brings over two decades of experience to the table, leveraging his expertise to help clients find the perfect Hikari shear that suits their needs and budget. Committed to customer satisfaction, LA Shear offers personalized service, allowing customers to demo Hikari shears before making a purchase. The company provides multiple easy payment options at highly competitive prices, further ensuring client satisfaction. The five-star reviews and 100% satisfaction guarantee stand testament to LA Shear’s commitment to quality and service.

Experience the Legendary Hikari Shear at Your Salon -Find Your Perfect Fit!

Since 1997, we bring the unparalleled Hikari Shear experience right to your salon. Discover the ideal Hikari Shear tailored to your budget, personal needs, and style before making a purchase. Elevate your craft with the finest Japanese scissors in the industry!

Elevate Your Craft with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Hikari Shears - Flexible Payment Plans Available!

At LA Shear, we prioritize your satisfaction. Experience our easy payment plans, phone support, and gift certificates for Hikari Shears. Text or call 310-228-3188 to schedule an appointment and transform your hairstyling experience today!

Since 1969

Welcome to the World of Hikari Scissors

In 1969 Hikari was founded by, Fukataro Takahashi. He was a nationally acclaimed, champion hairdresser from Japan.

Mr. Takahashi was unwilling to accept that there was no “perfect” tool out there. His dream was to provide every hairdresser with the ultimate haircutting Shear. Through his persistence, passion and dedication, Hikari Scissors was born. Hikari is a prestigious brand renowned for producing exceptional hair scissors that combine unparalleled craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Each pair of Hikari scissors is meticulously handcrafted in their Niigata factory in Japan, ensuring the highest standards of quality. Inspired by the legendary Japanese Katana swords, Hikari’s signature Convex Edge delivers unrivaled sharpness and precision in every cut. With a strong commitment to meeting every customer’s unique needs, Hikari offers customization options, providing a superior grip and comfort that reduces hand fatigue and ensures stress-free motion in any cutting angle. Discover the remarkable difference that Hikari scissors can bring to your hairdressing experience, and elevate your craft with these exceptional, tailor-made tools.

Why Hikari

Discover unparalleled craftsmanship and precision with Hikari hair scissors, tailored to satisfy every hairstylist’s unique needs.

  • The Passion for Excellence
  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Customization options
  • Customer-centric philosophy
  • Inspired by Japanese Katana swords
  • Unique Convex Edge technology

Following thorough research and development, Hikari's founder pioneered the introduction of Convex Edge technology to the global scissors industry, resulting in an unmatched level of sharpness in our hair scissors. Today, many manufacturers try to replicate the Convex Edge, but while they may succeed in mimicking the shape, the exceptional sharpness remains unparalleled.

Since 1969 Hikari has been used by the Top Hair Stylists in the Industry today

Mike can even Help you over the Phone!

Call or text 310-415-0742 to Schedule an appointment today!

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