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Feather Artist Club SS Folding Razor

Introducing Feather Artist Club SS Folding Razor: Unleash Precision and Innovation!
  • Utilizes advanced razor manufacturing technology for exceptional performance
  • Newly designed pivot screw maintains constant tension for desired angles
  • Special polymer handle withstands chemicals and extreme heat
  • Slip protectors ensure a secure grip
  • Weight-balanced handle for optimal shaving experience
  • Easy blade insertion and removal with a simple squeeze
  • Convenient one-touch disassembling and assembling spring system for easy cleaning
  • Made with high-quality die-cast chromium-plated brass for smooth cutting and durability
Experience the epitome of precision and innovation with Feather Artist Club SS Folding Razor. With years of razor manufacturing expertise, this razor surpasses all others in the barber and beauty industry. The specially designed pivot screw maintains constant tension, allowing you to achieve your desired angles effortlessly. The durable polymer handle withstands chemicals and extreme heat, while slip protectors ensure a secure grip for precise control. Its weight-balanced design enhances your shaving experience to perfection. With easy blade insertion and removal, as well as a convenient one-touch disassembling system, maintenance is a breeze. Crafted with premium materials, including die-cast chromium-plated brass, this razor delivers smooth, friction-free cutting and exceptional durability. Elevate your grooming routine with the Feather Artist Club SS Folding Razor and experience the pinnacle of shaving perfection. Upgrade to the world's most advanced razor today!

Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor

Introducing Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor: Unleash the Perfect Shave!
  • Crafted with unparalleled precision for the ultimate shaving experience
  • Rounded shaving head and optimal blade exposure ensure a soft and smooth shave
  • SUS317 stainless steel head for smooth shaving and resistance to heat and chemicals
  • Convenient spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism for easy cleaning and maintenance and disinfectant safe for impeccable hygiene
  • Rounded tip design reduces skin damage by dispersing pressure
  • Enamel handle made from heat-resistant synthetic resin for superior grip and control
Experience the pinnacle of razor shaving with Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor. Meticulously designed with an unwavering commitment to perfection, this replaceable blade razor offers the ultimate shaving experience. The rounded shaving head and precise blade exposure provide a luxurious and velvety-smooth shave like no other. Crafted from SUS317 stainless steel, the head ensures effortless shaving while withstanding heat, chemicals, and impurities. The spring-mounted, one-touch mechanism allows for easy dismantling and reassembly, making cleaning a breeze. With autoclavable and disinfectant-safe properties, hygiene is never compromised. The rounded tip of the SS razor delicately presses against the skin, minimizing damage and enhancing comfort. The enamel handle, engineered from heat-resistant synthetic resin, offers exceptional grip and control, even in high-temperature environments. Elevate your shaving routine to perfection with the Feather Artist Club SS Straight Razor and experience the epitome of a flawless shave. Unlock your best shave today!

Feather Nape & Body Razor

Introducing Feather Nape & Body Razor: Unlock Your Styling Potential!
  • The ultimate choice for stylists seeking precision shaving razors
  • Equipped with a guard for precise and flawless finishing touches on haircuts
  • Compatible with Nape Blades for easy replacement (sold separately)
  • Designed with a compact folding handle and small blade for accurate and effortless shaving
  • Features a 0.15mm thick stainless steel blade with a wire mesh for safety and a close shave
  • Available in sleek black color
Take your styling skills to new heights with the Feather Nape & Body Razor. This razor is the go-to choice for stylists seeking perfection in their shaving techniques. With its built-in guard, you can achieve those impeccable final touches that elevate a good haircut to greatness. The Nape & Body Razor utilizes Nape Blades, ensuring easy blade replacement whenever needed (Nape Blades sold separately). Its compact folding handle and small blade design provide the utmost accuracy and ease, making it perfect for shaving the nape, bikini lines, and other hard-to-reach areas of the body. The stainless steel blade, measuring a mere 0.15mm in thickness, is covered by a thin wire mesh to ensure both safety and an exceptionally close shave. Embrace the sleek black design of the Feather Nape & Body Razor and unlock your styling potential today!

Feather Plier Razor

Introducing Feather Plier Razor: Redefining Precision in Hair Styling!
  • The epitome of advanced replacement blade razors for the true razor purist
  • Enables accurate and proficient execution of various straight razor cutting techniques
  • Thin, lightweight design with impeccable balance for unparalleled handling
  • Precisely engineered for superior quality, feel, and performance
Elevate your hair styling game with the Feather Plier Razor, the pinnacle of replacement blade razors designed for razor purists like you. Experience the precision and mastery of every straight razor cutting technique with unrivaled accuracy and proficiency. The Plier Razor's thin and lightweight construction, combined with its impeccable balance, ensures effortless control and unparalleled handling. Meticulously engineered to deliver the highest quality feel and exceptional performance, the Plier Razor sets a new standard in hair styling. Please note, Feather Plier Razor Blades are sold separately in packs of 20. Explore the Razor Blade section to complete your arsenal of hair styling tools today!

Feather Razor

Introducing Feather Razor: Elevate Your Hairstyling Experience!
  • The go-to choice of over half a million professional stylists worldwide
  • Ergonomic design with a rigid handle for effortless control and precision
  • Provides a seamless extension of your hand for exceptional balance and feel
  • Ensures utmost safety for both you and your clients
  • Easy no-touch blade replacement system for convenience
  • Unmatched cutting performance surpassing other replacement blade razors
  • Blades sold separately in packs of 10 (Feather Razor Blades)
Experience the ultimate hairstyling precision with the Feather Razor. Trusted by over half a million stylists globally, this razor is designed to meet the demands of today's professionals. Its ergonomic design features a rigid handle that eliminates the need for constant pressure, ensuring a comfortable and effortless grip. The Feather Razor becomes an extension of your hand, allowing for unparalleled control and balance. With its superior safety features, you can confidently deliver exceptional results to your clients. Changing blades is a breeze with the convenient no-touch blade system. Get ready to elevate your cutting performance with the Feather Razor, outshining other replacement blade razors on the market. Please note, Feather Razor Blades are sold separately in packs of 10. Explore the Razor Blade section to complete your hairstyling arsenal today!