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TWWisk Mixing Bowl

Upgrade your color game with TWWisk Hair Color Mixing Bowls – designed tall and sturdy to prevent splashes when TWWisking. Pair perfectly with The TWWisk Electric Hair Color Mixer (Set of 5). SAVE time, water, and product for a mess-free, efficient coloring experience. Elevate your artistry now!


Introducing The TWWisk Electric Hair Color Mixer: Your Ultimate Color Mixing Companion! Elevate your color game with the TWWisk, a sleek and modern handheld color mixer designed to revolutionize your creative process. Say goodbye to tedious manual mixing and hello to perfected color in seconds! Effortless Mixing: With 12 customizable speeds, the TWWisk ensures flawless blending for all your color needs. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a DIY enthusiast, achieve the perfect hue effortlessly. Comfortable and Convenient: Protect your hands and wrists from potential damage with our ergonomic design. The TWWisk makes color mixing a breeze, eliminating the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome associated with manual mixing methods. Extended Reach: Equipped with an 8" extended whisk, the TWWisk effortlessly reaches the bottom of all your color bottles. No more struggling to blend that last bit of pigment – our whisk ensures every drop is perfectly incorporated. Effortless Cleanup: The TWWisk includes a stainless steel reservoir cleaning cup, making cleanup a breeze. In just 2 seconds, you'll be ready for your next creative endeavor. Maximize Efficiency: Save time, water, and product with the TWWisk. Our color mixer streamlines the process, allowing you to mix six bowls of color and clean them in just 60 seconds. It's the perfect tool for those who value efficiency without compromising quality. Perfect Pairing: Enhance your TWWisk experience with our tall-sided, super sturdy, reusable TWWisk mixing bowls (set of 5 for $19.99, bowls sold separately). Prevent color splashes and enjoy a seamless mixing experience. Upgrade your color mixing game and add the TWWisk to your cart today. Unleash your creativity with a tool that not only saves you time and effort but also delivers impeccable results. Don't miss out on the TWWisk – where innovation meets inspiration!

Antidot Pro Scalp – 1L Bottle (Free Shipping)


Antidot Pro Scalp stops Itching , Burning, redness & discomfort from Hair Color & Chemical Hair Treatments.

1# in the Industry with over 15 milliona treatments!
  • Favorite of Celebrity Colorist Tracy Cunningham & Meche Salon in Beverly Hills and used by Top Salons and Colorists around the World.
  • Uses Essential Oils and Their Patented A12 and Scalp Guard Technology. Actually Improves Color By Giving More Shine and Condition.
  • Gives you the Competitive advantage by giving your clients a more Comfortable and luxurious experience during their Color Services.
  • Easy to use. 1 part Antidot to 6 parts color , or 1 to 4 for very sensitive scalps. See Video below for More Detailed Explanation