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Y.S. Park 150 Teasing Comb

Introducing the QuickStyle Backcombing Comb:
  • Efficient backcombing: The QuickStyle Backcombing Comb features two outside rows of ultem plastic and one row inside of carbonium teeth, making backcombing quick and efficient.
  • Parting head feature: The shortened first tooth allows for easy sectioning, ensuring precise and seamless styling.
  • Heat-resistant construction: Designed to withstand temperatures up to 428°F, the QuickStyle Backcombing Comb ensures durability and reliability during heat styling.
  • Length: Measuring at 8.6 inches, this comb provides a comfortable grip and optimal control for versatile styling.
  • Gradual pitch design: The spacing between each tooth gradually decreases from the tail to the base, allowing for effortless backcombing and styling.
Elevate your hairstyling techniques with the QuickStyle Backcombing Comb. Experience efficient backcombing, heat resistance, and precision control. Order yours today!