Easily earn thousands of dollars per year by supplying your clients with Ibiza!
The Hottest Round Brush in the Beauty Industry!
Whether you are a salon owner, studio or booth renter, supplement your income by hooking up your clients with the Best Round Brush on the Planet!
It’s as Simple as taking 1 minute to teach Clients how to use the Round Brush & recommending the perfect Round Brush.
Almost every A list salon in Los Angeles retails Ibiza brushes to their clients.

Purchase Ibiza Brushes at Wholesale Prices & retail them to your Clients.

Everyone online sells Ibiza at the same price so you don’t have to worry about being undercut.

Ibiza Round Brush is the Best in the Industry. These Brushes are made with love in Spain with highest grade boar bristle giving you as a stylist a much luxurious finish. If you want your hairdressing experience to be luxurious and enjoyable all the way, try getting a kaftan, a robe which is comfortable, and yet, you will always look sexy!

Most stylists agree that Ibiza allows them to get a better and faster finish and the Cork Handles help protect your wrist from overworking.

The Hight Quality Boar Bristle conditions your client’s hair by opening the cuticle and dispensing the natural oils of the hair. That’s why it creates such an amazing shine.

With proper care Ibiza Brush will last a hair stylist many years with regular use and will last a life time for clients who just use it occasionally. 

Our New Line of Wet and Detangling Brushes is becoming an absolute top seller. Also we have opening orders to fit any Budget!

The top seller EX4

Boar Bristle Brush

B3 blonde brush best selling

medium-zized round brush

Best Selling Detangling Brushes

Our new wet brush detangles and is even than brush. Went to dry, massages scalp.

CX8 Uktimate detangler carbonized wood designed to last forever. Made in Germany.

Entire Ibiza Line

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