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Since 1997 LA SHEAR has specialized in Distributing the Finest Japanese Shear Brands.

LA Shear

Forget the Rest, LA SHEAR is the BEST!


You found the Best Source in LA for Japanese Shears!


Only professional Hair Salon Distributor that carries the Top 3 Japanese Scissor brands:    

 We bring to your Salon to Demo in Greater Los Angeles & Ventura County!

We love Helping Stylists Connect with Their Perfect Shear at the Best Deal in person or over the Phone!

The Owner of LA SHEAR , Mike Johles Will personally come to your Salon if you’re around              Los Angeles / Ventura County and Let you Experience one of These Amazing Brand before you buy.

Kasho Millennium


The Kasho Green

The Kikui Ergo

The Kasho Sagano

Imagine how much your Business will grow when you use a top of the Line Japanese Shear.

The easiest way to improve your cutting skills is with top of the Line Japanese shear by

Hikari, Kasho or Kikui

Hikari Phoenix

Kikui Ergo

Stop dealing with all the Riff Raff selling Chinese Shears at Japanese Prices!

Watch out for Brands that say we use Japanese Steel!
That’s code word for Made in China and selling at Japanese Prices.
Make sure your shears are made in JAPAN by a Trust Worthy Brand.

Mike Johle's Head Shot - LA SHEAR is a Los Angeles & California Distributor of Hikari Shears

Looking for Shear Distributor you can Trust?

Mike has 22 years of experience in Helping Stylists like yourself find the Perfect shear for your unique Needs, style and Budget. Mike’s Father Max Johles had a salon Distribution company in LA and his Brother Aaron Johles Founded Ibiza Brushes which Mike also distributes, so your dealing with a very trusted source.

Hikari Shears only allows Distributors of the Highest Level of Integrity.

Mike’s Shear Clients Include some of LA’s Most Prestigious Stylists and Salons to Cosmetology Students and Some of the Most Creative hair Stylists in The World.

Mike is also a Guitar Player and Looks at Shears as a stylists musical instruments. And Vowed 22 years ago to only carry the Best.

Any of the Japanese Shears Such as Hikari Shears, Kasho Shears or Kikui Shears will last lifetime with proper service which. 

Mike also will teach you on to maintain them and take care of them for Optimal performance and a lifetime of Cutting Joy.

You can send them to Manufacture for Sharpening so they come back like new every time!

 As a Hairstylist your shears are you most important tool you own. LA Shear offers a Service like no other, where you can try these top brands at your salon to find the best shear.

LA SHEAR always gives Free gifts such as YS Park combs & Ibiza Brushes with Purchase! 

We always pass on any Manufacture’s Promotions to the stylist so you always get the Best Deal through LA SHEAR.

If you’re Not around LA Mike has helped thousands of stylist Buy Japanese shears over the Phone.

Ask about our Easy Payment Plans!

Call Today 310-228-3188 to Set up An appointment or
email [email protected]

See below for our Real Google reviews, learn about our Shear Brands and Salons We service around L.A.


This company is great! I was searching for authentic YS Park combs and found LA SHEAR. I am so happy I did! Their pricing is FANTASTIC and customer service is out of this world! I placed my order and received it three days later. I live on the East coast and was shocked at how fast I received my order. Mike is amazing and reached out to me personally to thank me for my order. That personal touch from a business goes a long way for me. I will continue to order all of my combs from Mike and LA SHEAR
Anna Dill
Anna Dill
01:37 16 Jan 21
I love and trust LA Shears for all my professional hair tool needs and the customer service is just as high quality! I am a long time loyal and there is no other quality or experience that compares 🤩
Jennifer Brena
Jennifer Brena
04:18 09 Jan 21
Over the years , consistently the best customer service and high end tools for hairdressers who only use the best!. I love my Hikari shears and Mike gave me a great price.I’ve used YS Park combs and Ibiza hair brushes from Mike and LA SHEARS for many years and Recomend you do if you only want the best
Terrie Owen
Terrie Owen
03:09 22 Dec 20
Mike is great! Highly recommend using him if you’re interested in purchasing Hikari shears. He was timely, knowledgeable and very helpful is my decision of which shears to buy. He even included YS Park cutting combs and an Ibiza brush. The shears were shipped to me super fast and I’m in love with them!
Kelly Macedo
Kelly Macedo
18:13 12 Dec 20
Mike’s attentiveness, professionalism, and passion for shears and make him the absolute best person to buy your shears from.My sister just graduated from cosmetology school and asked for Japanese scissors as a birthday / graduation gift. I know nothing about the underground world of scissors, so I frantically looked everywhere for Japanese scissors and had no luck. It was by some miracle and true blessing that I came across LA SHEAR online and with it, Mike. He offered to give my sister a demonstration at her home, something that no one does, in order to help my sister choose her shears and personalize them to her hands. Mike is an incredible being who even allowed my whole family to witness this special demonstration and fitting.Now when I say miracle, I truly mean miracle because he came out to my sisters house on Thanksgiving day! If that isn’t commitment to your passion, I don’t know what is. My family and I are forever indebted to Mike for his kindness, knowledge, and fast delivery.My sister is beyond happy with her product and my family is forever grateful. We cannot thank him enough.
Marissa Lopez
Marissa Lopez
21:30 03 Dec 20
Micheal always keeps you up to date with the best products he sells. He sells the best high end products he is always very helpful especially if you want to purchase high end shears. He will loan you the shears to try out. I love that you can really get a feel for the right shears before purchasing them.He is a pleasure to do business with.
julie ann Newman
julie ann Newman
20:24 03 Dec 20
Mike at LA SHEAR is awesome! He is honest and helpful and always quick to respond. When I told him about the Hikari’s that I wanted, he told me that this other pair of Hikari’s would be better for me. He was right and I absolutely love my shears and he saved me money! He sells the best hair clips on the market and I also buy the SERO from him and it is helping all my client’s hair to grow thicker and healthier. Definitely a game changer! Mike is not only a great salsa dancer, but a huge help to the hair professionals!
Heidi Martin
Heidi Martin
18:53 01 Dec 20
I’ve been a client with this company for years now. First it started with their hair brushes Ibiza, great quality. Then I purchased thinning shears. Always skeptical when it comes to big purchase but when I sampled them compared to other ones, I was sold. And still loving them. Last but not least, Mike came to me with Sero professional vitamins for hair and nails and overall health benefits. I didn’t question wether they were good or bogus due to the previous purchases I’ve made. These pills are magic and my clients buy them on a monthly basis because they do notice a difference. I’m so glad that I have Mike as my representative and have kept in contact with him through all these years. Good trusted products that you can count on.
Tina Lim
Tina Lim
02:08 01 Dec 20
Michael is so very helpful finding my needs for the salon. He is my go to for Hikari. Extremely knowledgeable in our craft.
ginger boyle
ginger boyle
01:19 01 Dec 20
Mike was great! Just bought my first pair of hikaris! I absolutely love them and couldn’t be happier. He’s very informative and helped me choose the perfect shears for cutting that fit me the best!
Chloe Garman
Chloe Garman
00:36 01 Dec 20
Mike Is top notch and always and forever knowledgeable about all things when it comes to scissors. Super kind of flexible ready to go out of his way to show you what would work for your budget as well as your style of cutting. Love my new scissors thanks Mike
Nico Doniele
Nico Doniele
06:52 13 Nov 20
Always a pleasure buying my hair tools from la shear , professional and helpful
Fermin Juarez
Fermin Juarez
02:29 30 Oct 20
I had such a positive experience purchasing my Hikari shears. Mike is very knowledgeable in this industry and also went a step further to make it such an easy transaction. I would highly recommend LA Shears for anyone looking to purchase new tools.- The Ivy Mae
Ivy Mae
Ivy Mae
18:00 14 Oct 20
Michael is so so helpful helping you find the best shears & more. I love my shears so much.
Delaney Downard
Delaney Downard
14:45 13 Oct 20
Absolutely in love with my Kasho Shears. They’re super lightweight and super reliable. Thanks to Mike for helping me find the right pair that fit my needs as a stylist.
Jillian Keefer
Jillian Keefer
00:37 13 Oct 20
Highly reliable. Michael know the products he sells. I love my new shears. Thank you Michael!
Lauri Fraser
Lauri Fraser
00:23 30 Sep 20
3rd pair of shears I’ve gotten from them. Always the best recommendations and amazing customer service! Oh and the shears are pretty badass as well !
Frank Fini
Frank Fini
13:13 26 Sep 20
I purchased my First Hikari Shear from Mike at LA SHEAR when I first started my career & I was finishing Vidal Sassoon. Many of the educators their Recommended Hikari and I started with the Hikari Anatomic 103 Cosmos which I love.The 103 Hikari Cosmos helped me build my Career as a Stylist. However, I knew it was time to get a Longer more Powerful shear!Recently I just Purchased the Hikari Dragon 172 Dry Cutting shear which has exceeded my expectations.The 172 cuts Dry hair like it is wet and the finished results are Spectacular!It was really cool that Mike Let me try the Shear out for the Day so I could make sure I loved it before I invested. I highly recommend Mike & LA SHEAR because if you’re around LA he’ll let you try the shear before you buy and I loved all the free gifts Like Ibiza brushes and YS park Combs.There are so many people selling Junk Scissors online and that come into my salon, its really cool to have someone I can Trust to hook me with The Finest Shears,I am looking forward to adding the 6 inch Hikari Cosmos to my collection next!I love the freedom of The Anatomic Grip on my 5 inch can’t wait to get a 6 inch version!
Troy Francis
Troy Francis
04:04 21 Sep 20
For the last decade, I have Purchased Most of my Hikari & Kikui Shear Collection from Mike at LA SHEAR. I am very blessed to own Salon True in LA. I am extremely Busy and I could not imagine cutting with Inferior Shears.Most of My Stylists Purchase their Shears from Mike and we are Truly happy with his Service.I always recommend him to current & new Stylists and everyone is always very satisfied with the Shears they have purchased.I love that he lets us demo before we buy and always gives really cool free gifts like YS Park Combs & Ibiza Brushes with Purchase.We also Get our Ibiza Brushes to resell to our Clients from Mike which has been a consistent retail product our stylists & Clients love.Elia MonvelFounder of Salon True, Los Angeles
Salon True
Salon True
17:25 28 Aug 20
HIKARI is the best hands down and so is Michael! I’ve needed new shears for a long time. He intuitively knew what I needed after only a 30 second consultation. The first pair I used were amazing and felt like and extension of my hand! Tried a few more just to make sure but kept going back to them. They are the HIKARI cosmos 6 inch with anatomic grip. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! This purchase was way too long over do. They cut like Butter!!! After 20 plus years in the business I can honestly say I love cutting hair again! So excited to use them each time. I so needed this purchase. Get them, you’ll be glad you did!
Pamela Brokaw
Pamela Brokaw
02:38 19 Jul 20
Awesome Service
Jesson Janer
Jesson Janer
05:54 15 Jul 20
Bought my kasho shears from LA shears, brushes, combs you name it 🙂 Great service.
Amanda Shuttleworth
Amanda Shuttleworth
05:23 21 Feb 18
Our salon has been purchasing shears from Mike since the coming of dawn. He is so helpful to each and every stylist, no matter what their budget is.
Lisa Sexton
Lisa Sexton
19:20 19 Feb 18
great quality Ibiza Brushes
18:02 19 Feb 18
Alisha Hess
Alisha Hess
20:46 05 Jan 18

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