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12 Shear Leather Case #2034

Introducing the 12 Shear Leather Case #2034, a stylish and practical accessory for hairstylists on the go. Crafted from 100% leather, this case offers durability and sophistication. The heavy-duty zipper organizer ensures secure storage for your hairstyling tools. The arm wristlet provides easy handling and convenience. With 12 pockets, it's perfect for organizing razors, combs, clips, and shears. The case also features a change pocket with a snap closure and a money holder with a zipper. Key Features:
  • 100% leather construction for durability and style
  • Heavy-duty zipper organizer for secure storage
  • Arm wristlet for easy handling
  • 12 pockets for versatile tool organization
  • Change pocket with snap closure and money holder with zipper
Upgrade your hairstyling game with the 2 Shear Leather Case #2034. Keep your tools organized, secure, and easily accessible, all in one stylish case. Invest in this essential accessory today and experience the perfect blend of functionality and fashion!