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Ibiza Hair Kristal 3600 Blow Dryer

Ibiza Tools searched the world for a blow dryer that would work harmoniously with their world-famous round brushes. The Kristal 3600 is a high-performance professional hairdryer. Lightweight, powerful with perfect balance to go with infamous Ibiza Hairbrushes. A classic dryer that blows drys hair in half the time of a regular dryer. Enormous airflow gets hair voluminous in minutes because its a true AC motored hairdryer. AC motors are favored by many professional stylists because of the epic finish they deliver to the Blow dry. The Ibiza Hair Kristal 3600 blow dryer is a real pro that delivers massive air flow and power while remaining lightweight and perfectly balanced. The blow-dry buddy is light, small, easy to install, and replaces your Ibiza Hair Kristal Dryer filter to reduce noise. Advanced technology has achieved amazing results in eliminating sound waves. Made exclusively for the Ibiza Hair Kristal Dryer. Made in Italy. Ibiza blow dryers can be repaired so instead of throwing them away send it into our repair center in LA for a tune for decades of use. As a salon owner, it's the Best Blowdryer to retail to your clients. You're giving them a Professional dryer at a fair price that's made in Italy. It won't Fry their hair off plus you won't be undercut online. Ask us for info on retailing Ibiza Blow Dryers!