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Y.S. Park 345 Fine Cutting Comb – Extra Long

Introducing the innovative Flat Top Comb: Achieve unparalleled precision and control with our unique design:
  • Specialty: Two flat tops with a slight dip, perfectly positioned at 90 degrees for optimal head placement
  • Heat Resistant: Withstands high temperatures up to 428°F
  • Measuring Holes: Convenient grip-enhancing feature, with each hole acting as a measuring device (5 holes = 2 inches)
  • Length: Compact 8.7 inches for effortless handling and styling
  • Teeth: Square-shaped for precise combing
  • Parting Head: Shortened first tooth for seamless parting
  • Colors: Choose between sleek White or classic Black
Elevate your styling game with the revolutionary Flat Top Comb. Get yours now and experience a new level of precision!