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Design Master

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Design Master Texturizers by Kasho - Precision Performance at an Affordable Price. Kasho’s Design Master Texturizer series is the perfect choice for professional stylists looking for precision performance at an affordable price. Here’s why:

  • Take away weight and create texture with ease using our 8-Tooth Chunker for maximum weight removal.
  • The 15-tooth shear provides perfect texturizing to create unique styles.
  • The 30-tooth shear thins hair evenly for seamless blending.
  • The 38-tooth shear blends beautifully for a natural, effortless look is the Number one seller*
  • The Design Master texturizing shears are forged from high-carbon Japanese steel for durability and reliable service.
  • With a length of 6.0” and an offset handle, these shears provide the perfect balance of comfort and control.
  • Whether you’re an experienced stylist or just starting out, the Design Master Texturizer series is a favorite among professionals for its precision performance and affordability.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality set of texturizing shears that won’t break the bank, choose the Design Master Texturizer series by Kasho. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!