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Feather Plier Razor

Introducing Feather Plier Razor: Redefining Precision in Hair Styling!
  • The epitome of advanced replacement blade razors for the true razor purist
  • Enables accurate and proficient execution of various straight razor cutting techniques
  • Thin, lightweight design with impeccable balance for unparalleled handling
  • Precisely engineered for superior quality, feel, and performance
Elevate your hair styling game with the Feather Plier Razor, the pinnacle of replacement blade razors designed for razor purists like you. Experience the precision and mastery of every straight razor cutting technique with unrivaled accuracy and proficiency. The Plier Razor's thin and lightweight construction, combined with its impeccable balance, ensures effortless control and unparalleled handling. Meticulously engineered to deliver the highest quality feel and exceptional performance, the Plier Razor sets a new standard in hair styling. Please note, Feather Plier Razor Blades are sold separately in packs of 20. Explore the Razor Blade section to complete your arsenal of hair styling tools today!