Hair shear

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  • Sale! Hand-sharpened razor edges made of Japanese Cobalt Alloy make it easy to trim hair, and they won't hurt the ends of your hair.


  • Sale! Green-haired scissors on sale? Big sales on green hair-cutting scissors provide top brands and reasonable prices.


  • Sale! Ivory also includes people who are left-handed. Ivory has a 5.2-inch hair scissors that can be used with either hand.


  • Sale! The KASHO Millennium Series is made with the highest level of skill and quality which is sharp, unique design and using comfortable


  • Sale! Sagano: The inlaid flat screw symbolises Sagano's smooth cutting process. Such high-performing scissors stand out.


  • Sale! Sasa-Ba: It's great for dry cutting and slide cutting because the blade is rounder and feels heavier and smoothing cutting.


  • Sale! Xtreme Perfection

    Xtreme Perfection


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