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Hana Holster 9026

Introducing the Hana Holster 9026, the ultimate companion for hairstylists seeking convenience and functionality. This holster features three pockets specifically designed to hold combs, keeping them easily accessible during styling sessions. The adjustable body wrap strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit. With four shear pockets and two clip locks, you can organize your tools with ease and confidence. Key Features:
  • Three pockets dedicated to holding combs
  • Adjustable body wrap strap for a comfortable fit
  • Four shear pockets for secure storage
  • Two clip locks to keep your tools in place
Upgrade your hairstyling experience with the Hana Holster 9026. Stay organized, have your essential tools within reach, and enhance your efficiency. Invest in this must-have accessory today and revolutionize your hairstyling game!