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Kikui Cobalt Leaf-blade Dry Cut Shear


Slide Cutting Scissors Wet & Dry.

  • Leaf-blade scissors for slide cutting technique.
  • Cuts Dry Hair like its wet.
  • Extremely Powerful shear for carving.
  • Essential for stylists who love to dry cut and carve shapes in hair.
  • Propitiatory blend of cobalt unique to this model for Carving & Dry Hair.
  • We stock them with Ergo Handel in 5.8 & 6,25 size. (See Image)
Custom Handles are available in any styles (level set, offset, power offset, ergo & Lefty). Takes 6-8 weeks for custom orders. We can also add custom Metallic Black, Matt Black or Gold Finish to shear. There is an additional $200 charge and takes 4-6 weeks on average. Click here to learn more about Custom color finish or choose what color you like in check out .