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Kikui Cobalt Ergo F (CO-F)


The Ergo is our Top Selling Kikui Shear!

Excellent for Wet & Dry Cutting.

Extremely comfortable handle , with 3D construction, snug built in tang.

Design to fit your hand like a glove. Automatically Places your fingers & hand in a perfect Ergonomic position to relieve stress on your wrists.

Every Stylist should have this workhorse in their collection.

By adding a unique twist to the design, the handle maintains superior grip, even at various angles. This model represents an unprecedented balance in fit , flexibility & a slim blade which is why it’s so Popular.

?Cuts the straightest Line and Holds and Edge like Other.

  • 6.0 size is our best seller, its light weight and great for Precision work and accuracy .
  • 6.3 size has a little more weight to it , is more powerful and will give you more speed.

We can also add custom Metallic Black, Matt Black or Gold Finish to shear. There is an additional $200 charge and takes 4-6 weeks on average. Click here to learn more about Custom color finish or choose what color you like in check out .