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Kikui Stainless Cobalt Off-set (CS-OS)

Kikui Scissors – Stainless Cobalt (Off-set) “CS-OS” *Custom colors and left-handed shears take 30-45 days to manufacture.*   Made from an alloy with at least 5% cobalt. It provides a superior cut with the same weight and feel as our premium line at a more affordable price. Features:
  • Handle: Offset
  • Size: 5.5 & 6.0 inches
  • Metal: Cobalt Stainless
  • Laterality: Right Handed & Left Handed
  • Finish: Mirror, Gold, Black Diamond
  • All colored shears must be placed as a Special Order and may take longer to process. Call us for any questions you have on this
Exclusively engineered by the most innovative boutique, specialty steel manufacturer in the world. Kikui shears are made in a small village in western Japan. With extreme attention to detail, each shear is carefully tempered for soft cutting and extreme edge durability. 35 years of quality hand work craftsmanship. Resulting in consistency and quality control, that is not available under current, standard manufacturing facilities. Perfect pivot contact, resulting in velvet smooth, accurate action. Expected working life of screw, is in excess of 30 years. Placing emphasis on functionality and performance, Kikui Scissors utilize an alloy with over 70% cobalt to achieve the perfect balance of durability and an ultra-smooth cut. Each pair of shears is finished by one of the three scissor masters.