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Kikui TEX 640 Thinner Texturizers

Kikui Scissors – Stainless Cobalt Thinner “TEX640”

Kikui Texture scissors provide a soft touch to cuts while maintaining a superb edge.

You wont be able to live with out it!

Kikui thinning scissors are excellent for :

  • Blending
  • Taking out weight
  • Effortless Texture
  • Able to Slide cut the hair and create & carve beautiful shapes .
  • Wont frizz hair or cause damage like cheap thinning shears.
  • Beautiful Finish , Almost cheating its so easy !
  • One of our top selling shears!

TEX 630 , TEX 640 Remove about the same amount of hair , you can use it gently to be passive or more aggressive on thick hair . The 630 will take out more weight & recommended if you have clients with very think hair and the 640 is a little better for blending.

It’s a good idea to have both of them .you wont be able to live with out them when they are being sharpened and once you have mastered these tool you will love having different finish options they can offer.

We can also add custom Metallic Black, Matt Black or Gold Finish to shear. There is an additional $200 charge and takes 4-6 weeks on average. Click here to learn more about Custom color finish or choose what color you like in check out