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Nikky Platinum Razor Blades – 5pk

Introducing Nikky Platinum Razor Blades – 5pk: Safety and Convenience Combined!
  • Easy insertion and removal for a safe shaving experience
  • Compatible with the Persona Razor
  • Disposable for added convenience
Experience the perfect balance of safety and convenience with Nikky Platinum Razor Blades – 5pk. Designed for easy insertion and removal, these blades ensure a worry-free shaving experience for both the stylist and the client. They are specifically designed to work with the Persona Razor, delivering exceptional performance. Plus, they are disposable, adding convenience to your grooming routine. Upgrade your shaving experience and embrace the reliability of Nikky Platinum Razor Blades – 5pk. Make every shave a smooth and enjoyable one. Invest in quality and convenience today!