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Leather/Vinyl Organizer #1037

Introducing the Leather/Vinyl Organizer #1037, the ultimate accessory to keep your hairstyling tools organized and easily accessible. This organizer features 1 external pocket for name cards or a pocketbook, allowing you to personalize and add a touch of professionalism. The nylon zipper ensures secure closure, keeping your items safe. With 8 pockets designed specifically for shears and razors, you can keep your tools neatly organized. The organizer also includes 1 large pocket dedicated to clips and combs, making it convenient for hairstyling essentials. Key Features:
  • 1 external pocket for name cards or pocketbook
  • Secure nylon zipper
  • 8 pockets for shears and razors
  • 1 large pocket for clips and combs
Experience the convenience and efficiency of the Leather/Vinyl Organizer #1037. Keep your hairstyling tools organized and within reach, allowing you to focus on creating stunning looks. Invest in this essential accessory today and take your hairstyling professionalism to new heights!