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Kasho’s Green Sasa Shears – Designed for slide cuts & dry cutting.The Perfect Choice for Professional Hair Stylists looking for a Carving Shear

?Looking for and effortless slide cutting shear? Look no further than the Green Sasa Shears by Kasho. Here’s why:

  • The secret to its success lies in its “bamboo leaf-shaped” blades – slightly wider and with a more rounded profile, just like a bamboo leaf. The rounded shape and slightly heavier weight make them ideal for slide cuts or dry cutting.
  • The super-sharp convex/hollow-ground blades ensure that each cut is precise and every hairstyle is everything you intended it to be.
  • The Green Sasa’s semi-offset handles strike a perfect balance between the two most popular handle styles, providing a comfortable cut every time.
  • Available in the most popular length of hair scissors in the US: 6 inches. This versatile length can be used with almost any type of hair cutting technique.

Impress your clients with perfect, precise haircuts every time, choose the Green Sasa Shears by Kasho. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!