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Y.S. Park 254 Trimmer Comb Soft & Extra Flexible – Less Heat Resistance

Introducing the Y.S. Park 254 Trimmer Comb: Unleash Precision and Style! Experience perfection with the Y.S. Park 254 Barber Trimmer Comb Series.
  • Delicate craftsmanship: Length of 7.4 inches with a remarkably thin .04-inch thinnest part.
  • Unleash your creativity: Ultra Fine tip for impeccable Detail Work & Scissor Over Comb techniques.
  • Built to last: Strong, Supple Durable Teeth that ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Flexibility at its best: Holes on Body allow for unmatched flexibility with resistance.
  • The heat is no match: Heat Resistant up to 230°F, providing durability under extreme conditions.
  • Measure with ease: Integrated Tape-Line acts as a Measuring Device for precise cuts.
  • Master every curve: Allows you to effortlessly trim around the ear & achieve the Utmost Detail.
  • Designed for excellence: Crafted from ultem-plastic, ensuring durability, flexibility, and heat resistance.
  • Feather-light control: Super light body with comfort grip handles engineered for flexibility and ultimate control.
  • An ergonomic masterpiece: Comfort tactile grip with built-in air holes for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Closest cuts possible: Extremely flat tips for seamless, precise trimming.
  • Colors that inspire: Choose from Black, Red, or White to match your style.
Unlock your true potential with the Y.S. Park 254 Trimmer Comb – the ultimate tool for barbers and stylists. Elevate your artistry today!