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Y.S. Park Neck Brush 504



  • This ads Such Style to your presentation
  • Feels Wonderful on your Clients Neck
  • Japanese Wood Gives Style and Performance
  • 19 Lines x 5 Rows
  • Brush Length: W 6.0 x L 10.0
  • Bristle Length W 6.0 x L 4.0
  • White Horse Bristles

Designed & Made in Japan by YS PARK!

The Y.S. Park 504 Neck Brush is made with all-natural White Horse bristles. This ad such a Touch of Class. Looks Magical, feels great to your clients and in your hand. Sized to suit all needs; the bristles are made of Horsetail mane to gently remove fine, short hair stubble. No Horses were harmed in creating these!