Top 10 Best Japanese Shears in 2021

Top 10 Best Japanese Shears in 2021

Top 10 Best Japanese Hairdressing Scissors Brands: According to Sales & Reviews from my Prestigious Clients at LA SHEAR.

For detailed info of each shear, read the article below and or Contact Mike for more info & Current Sale Prices: [email protected]  or text / call him at 310-228-3188


  1. Hikari Dry Cut Shears level 4. 3 way Tie between Drycut models Phoenix, Dragon & Spark ,
  2. Hikari Cosmos Series Level 3, Tie between Phantom and Anatomic
  3. Kikui 6 inch Ergo
  4. Kasho Millennium offset 6 & 6.5
  5. Kikui Slide Leaf blade Dry Cut 6.3 Inches
  6. Kasho Green / Sagano series, 5.5 , 6 inches
  7. Hikari Chikara 5.75 & 5 inch & Epic 5.5 & 6inch
  8. Kikui 5 inch Straight Detail shear
  9. Kasho Silver 6 inch & 6.5 inch
  10. Kikui Swivel Thumb 5.5 & 6inch

1. Hikari Dry Cut Shears

It’s a 3-way tie for number one because the best Hikari Dry Cut Shear will be specific to you.

Hikari makes many (Level 4) DRY CUT SHEARS, which is their Highest End Models.

The 3 Hikari Dry Cut Shears we sell the most of are The Dragon, The Phoenix & The Spark.

After reading this you should have a good idea which Hikari Dry Cutting Shear is right for you!

2. Hikari Cosmos

Hikari (Level 3) Cosmos shears performance, reputation & affordable price make them my Top Selling Shear!

The most popular Cosmos shears are..
The Anatomic & The Phantom.

3. Kikui Ergo

Kikui Shears are a best kept Secret.

The Kikui Ergo is one of our Top Performers. 

Kikui is a small Japanese Shear Company that has been making shears since 1953.

A 3rd Generation Master Japanese craftsman  will hand make your shear from Start to Finish.

The Use Proprietary Cobalt that no one in the Industry would be able to work with because of the Skill it takes to create.

4. Kasho Millennium

Kasho Shears was founded 1979 & is the Largest Shear Manufacture in Japan. 

The Millennium is the Best Shear Kasho Makes & for stylists who want Top of the Line!

Kasho Millennium has a patented Ball Bearing Disc Operation System, Unique Design, & Concave / Convex Edge.

The Millennium Shear Effortlessly Glides through hair with Smooth & Laser Precision that will blow your mind.

5. Kikui Dry Slide Cut

If you are obsessed with Dry Cutting and you are into Carving & Sliding this is your Shear!

This Powerhouse Handmade Kikui Dry Cut Shear Features a lighter Cobalt blend with a leaf blade.  

The Kikui Dry Slide Cut Shear Blends Design, Engineering & Epic Japanese Craftsmanship, Which Makes it easier to Slide Cut Damp Hair and Carve Dry as if Wet.

Excellent for advanced Dry Cutting techniques.

6. Kasho Green / Sagano Series

The Second-Best Kasho Model is The Green Series.

The Green Series is an Affordable Workhorse the Will Exceed your Expectations.

The Kasho Green is Extremely Smooth and Powerful, with adjustable tension Screw and removable Tang.

The Top Selling Lightweight Sagano has a Ball Bearing Pivot System similar to the Millennium. This Makes it effortless to guide you don’t have to adjust tension too often. The Built in Tang fits your hand like a Glove. 

The Sagano Shear Glides through hair.

7. Kikui 5-inch Detail Shear

This Japanese shear is an absolute Classic 5-inch detail Shear.

The Kikui 5-inch detail shear was a favorite of Vidal Sassoon for Precision Geometric Cuts & Detail Work.

A must Have Detail Shear in Every Stylists collection! 

8. Hikari Chikara

The Chikara is a perfect Entry Level Japanese Shear.

Their most affordable and best Value by Hikari.

Uses the same Signatures alloys and Convex blade design as the top of the Line Hikari Shears at a Fraction of the Price.

9. Kasho Silver

The Kasho Silver Features their Patented Ball Bearing system and Convex edge, as well as a Blend of Proprietary Alloys at an Extremely affordable Price!

The Silver Series gives you the best of ergonomic comfort and control. 

The Kasho Silver has Lightweight Ergo design which is amazing for Point Cutting.

10. Kikui Swivel Thumb Shear

Hands down the best Swivel Thumb Shear!

The Kikui Swivel Thumb Shear took years of development and testing before they finally released it this year in 2020, with rave reviews by Swivel thumb Enthusiasts. 

If you would like More info on any Shear from these brands:

Please email [email protected] or text / call him at 310-228-3188.

Mike Johles has 22 Years of experience in helping stylists buy the perfect shear for your personal needs & Budget. I can get you THE BEST PRICES on all the shears (plus a special gift).


The Best Japanese Shears for Hair Stylists

The Best Japanese Shears for Hair Stylists

The 3 Best Japanese Shears Brands are Hikari, Kasho & Kikui!

I love them all equally! Who am I to make this claim?

My name is Mike Johles. I own LA SHEAR since 1997 and these 3 brands have given their stylists a lifetime of Cutting Joy and they exceed their clients’ expectations.

I have been dealing with high end Japanese shears in the Los Angeles area for over 23 years. Los Angeles is one of the most competitive markets for hair stylists so the ones at the top want the best shears money can buy. I have personally had relationships with many of the same clients for over 20 years. My father Max Johles was a legend in the Business and my brother Aaron founded Ibiza Hair Brushes which I also work with also, so this is a Family Business. I consider all my clients as family and would only represent the best shears brands in the Industry.

All the three brands are available from LA SHEAR. Please contact me if you’re in LA and I’ll be happy to visit your salon and let you try a pair before you buy! If you are outside of LA, I have helped thousands of stylists connect with their perfect shears for themselves or a loved one over the phone.

Hikari, Kasho & Kikui brands are amazing! Let me give you some basic info on all of them. If you want to do some research, I have also included links to their websites and to videos I have created on LA SHEAR YouTube Channel. After you have done your due diligence, contact me to try a pair! Let’s meet & talk, a recovery drink is on me.

Hikari Is the # 1 Shear Brand in the Industry. Since 1969 they have revolutionized how shears have been made.

LA SHEAR has been an authorized Hikari™ dealer for 22 years

The biggest Names in the Industry sing Hikari’s praises. They are constantly pushing the envelope on New technology and old school craftsmanship, Recently, they have had a profound impact in the Industry with their Dry Cutting Shears which laser through dry as if its wet. Hikari Shears have a feel unlike any shear in the industry and that’s due to its design, scientific engineering & Japanese craftsmanship.

Hikari’s company is fueled by amazing hair artists & was founded by a Champion Stylists from Japan Some of the Biggest Icons in the Industry like Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell used Hikari Shears as well as Todays Instagram hair Stars like Anh Tran @anhcotran and Sal Salcedo @SalSalhair to name a few.

The Main thing that makes Hikari such an amazing brand is their Scissor / Shear sharpening in their Service department.

Any Hikari Shear that is sharpened by the Hikari Scissor factory in Gardena , California will cut like new. They just don’t Sharpen your shear, they refurbish them . When you get them back, they cut as if they are new.

Which makes buying a Hikari such a cost-effective investment! Not only will you do your Cuts faster, easier and with better performance. You will astound your clients with your amazing Cuts! However, if you factor what the cost of your shear over a 20 years life span it costs pennies per day to have the best they will always come back like new after you send them into Hikari Shear Sharpening!

Watch out for Hikari Counterfeits, they have flooded the online market! Only buy your Hikari Shears from an authorized Hikari dealer Like LA SHEAR .

LA SHEAR will come out to your Salon around the Los Angeles area and give you some Generous Gifts such as, a free Ibiza Brush or something cool deepening on our Promotion with Purchase of a new shear!.

Hikari shears are priced at around $300 and go as high as $2,000. We have something for everyone’s budget & Easy payment plans!

Check out this video I created on Buying a Hikari Shear and check out their website.

Click here to go to Hikari official website.

Kasho ™ is the 2nd biggest shear company in the US but in Japan, 60% of hair stylist use one of the 6 brands that Kasho shears produce. Kasho has been around since 1977 and has been true innovator. They use a convex concave blade that cuts like butter. Kasho shears blend cutting edge technology, engineering & Japanese Craftsmanship to come up with a shear that Cuts like a Laser. It will last a life time if only sharpened with Kasho.

Their Sharpening service is incredible. In fact, they employ one of the best Shear sharpeners in the US a few years ago, he came in 3rd place at Sharpening competition in Japan out of Hundreds of the best sharpeners in the world. Many think he is the best Sharpener in the US,

Kasho Shears range from $300 to $1500 and they have something for everyone’s budget. With Proper maintenance, Kasho’s will also last a lifetime and I personally know many stylists who have also had their Kasho’s for 20 or 30 years and they still cut like new.

They also have a 15-day Money back guarantee which makes them the best choice if you are buying a shear over the phone.

They have revolutionized the Industry with the Kasho design Razor

Here are some videos I have created that tell you about Kasho and link to their website. If you interested in Kasho Ill come to your salon and let you demo or help you Purchase the perfect Kasho for your needs over the phone.

Kasho Shears are also my Top sellers for stylists buying shears over the phone due to their 15 day money back Guarantee!

Click here to go to Kasho official website.

They are very well known in Japan and have been around Since 1953! They are small collection of Japnaese 3rd generation Shear Master Craftsman. Each craftsman makes you shear from start to Finish.

They also have a proprietary blend of cobalt that is like none other thar gives the shears a magic feel and a very powerful cut.

Kikui is a Boss Shear! In fact many Salon owners Gravitate towards Kikui Shears. Once you cut with one you will be hooked.

Their top seller is the New Ergo shear which is great value for only $750 as of 04.16 20.

For 200 dollars more we can also add a custom black or Gold Finish or make any of their shears in a left handed version. I personally think Kasho does an amazing Job of Servicing Kikui.

Many Japanese Stylists have told me that most hairdressers in the know in Japan , think Kikui are the best Shears in the Industry . I have been an authorized Kikui dealer for over 23 years. Many clients who bought them from back them tell me their Kikui’s are their favorites and are so astounded how great they cut like new shears. Check out the Kikui Website and the Video I created about them. I can’t wait for you to demo a Kikui Shear to your salon .

Click here to go to Kikui official website.

I love Hikari, Kasho & Kikui equally! They are all amazing brands and I know that they will give you a lifetime Cutting joy. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to connect with the Right Shear on your Hair Journey. You will give thousands of hair cuts with them and make your clients very happy with results you get from any of these Magic shear brands!

Call 310 229-3188

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I am here for you!

Mike Johles

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