Japanese Shears

Top 10 Best Japanese Shears in 2023

Top 10 Best Japanese Hairdressing Scissors Brands: According to Sales & Reviews from my Prestigious Clients at LA SHEAR.

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  1. Hikari Dry Cut Shears level 4. 3 way Tie between Drycut models Phoenix, Dragon & Spark ,
  2. Hikari Cosmos Series Level 3, Tie between Phantom and Anatomic
  3. Kikui 6 inch Ergo
  4. Kasho Millennium offset 6 & 6.5
  5. Kikui Slide Leaf blade Dry Cut 6.3 Inches
  6. Kasho Green / Sagano series, 5.5 , 6 inches
  7. Hikari Chikara 5.75 & 5 inch & Epic 5.5 & 6inch
  8. Kikui 5 inch Straight Detail shear
  9. Kasho Silver 6 inch & 6.5 inch
  10. Kikui Swivel Thumb 5.5 & 6inch

1. Hikari Dry Cut Shears


It’s a 3-way tie for number one because the best Hikari Dry Cut Shear will be specific to you.


Hikari makes many (Level 4) DRY CUT SHEARS, which is their Highest End Models.


The 3 Hikari Dry Cut Shears we sell the most of are The Dragon, The Phoenix & The Spark.


After reading this you should have a good idea which Hikari Dry Cutting Shear is right for you!

2. Hikari Cosmos


Hikari (Level 3) Cosmos shears performance, reputation & affordable price make them my Top Selling Shear!


The most popular Cosmos shears are..
The Anatomic & The Phantom.


3. Kikui Ergo


Kikui Shears are a best kept Secret.


The Kikui Ergo is one of our Top Performers. 


Kikui is a small Japanese Shear Company that has been making shears since 1953.


A 3rd Generation Master Japanese craftsman  will hand make your shear from Start to Finish.


The Use Proprietary Cobalt that no one in the Industry would be able to work with because of the Skill it takes to create.

4. Kasho Millennium

Kasho Shears was founded 1979 & is the Largest Shear Manufacture in Japan. 

The Millennium is the Best Shear Kasho Makes & for stylists who want Top of the Line!

Kasho Millennium has a patented Ball Bearing Disc Operation System, Unique Design, & Concave / Convex Edge.

The Millennium Shear Effortlessly Glides through hair with Smooth & Laser Precision that will blow your mind.

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5. Kikui Dry Slide Cut


If you are obsessed with Dry Cutting and you are into Carving & Sliding this is your Shear!


This Powerhouse Handmade Kikui Dry Cut Shear Features a lighter Cobalt blend with a leaf blade.  


The Kikui Dry Slide Cut Shear Blends Design, Engineering & Epic Japanese Craftsmanship, Which Makes it easier to Slide Cut Damp Hair and Carve Dry as if Wet.


Excellent for advanced Dry Cutting techniques.

6. Kasho Green / Sagano Series


The Second-Best Kasho Model is The Green Series.


The Green Series is an Affordable Workhorse the Will Exceed your Expectations.


The Kasho Green is Extremely Smooth and Powerful, with adjustable tension Screw and removable Tang.


The Top Selling Lightweight Sagano has a Ball Bearing Pivot System similar to the Millennium. This Makes it effortless to guide you don’t have to adjust tension too often. The Built in Tang fits your hand like a Glove. 


The Sagano Shear Glides through hair.

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7. Kikui 5-inch Detail Shear


This Japanese shear is an absolute Classic 5-inch detail Shear.


The Kikui 5-inch detail shear was a favorite of Vidal Sassoon for Precision Geometric Cuts & Detail Work.


A must Have Detail Shear in Every Stylists collection! 

8. Hikari Chikara


The Chikara is a perfect Entry Level Japanese Shear.


Their most affordable and best Value by Hikari.


Uses the same Signatures alloys and Convex blade design as the top of the Line Hikari Shears at a Fraction of the Price.

9. Kasho Silver


The Kasho Silver Features their Patented Ball Bearing system and Convex edge, as well as a Blend of Proprietary Alloys at an Extremely affordable Price!

The Silver Series gives you the best of ergonomic comfort and control. 

The Kasho Silver has Lightweight Ergo design which is amazing for Point Cutting.

10. Kikui Swivel Thumb Shear


Hands down the best Swivel Thumb Shear!

The Kikui Swivel Thumb Shear took years of development and testing before they finally released it this year in 2020, with rave reviews by Swivel thumb Enthusiasts. 

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