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YS Park combs


LA SHEAR has been distributing authentic YS PARK combs & clips for 22 years.



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Hair Stylists, in this blog I will tell you about our best-selling YS PARK Combs that are essential for your tool kit! Once you try these YS PARK combs and clips you will never want to go back to regular ones. They feel amazing in your hands, they glide through the hair and they look extremely cool.



YS Park combs are favorite toys for the best stylists around the world.



As the owner of LA SHEAR, I’ve been distributing YS park Combs for 22 years. In addition to my website which serves the entire United States, I have a distribution company that serves Los Angeles.

I usually keep a stash of YS PARK Combs & Clips on me when I visit salons and stylists, just because it’s been proven the best practice – all stylists just love them.

My website has an epic selection of all the YS PARK combs and you can get the exact color and model you want without having to wait for a hair show.



YS Park combs were created by Young Soo Park – a gifted hair stylist originally from Korea, who opened 22 hair salons in Japan.



(In Picture from Left to RT , Mike Johles CEO of LA SHEAR, YS PARK Founder of YS Park Tools, Stylist Skylae Norelle)



In 1987. YS Park founded YS PARK TOOLS and started creating his own unique combs, clips, and brushes. He would spend years trying out different materials, shapes, and forms until his tools were absolutely perfect.

Today top stylists from around the world are obsessed with the style & performance of YS Park Combs & Clips, his amazing brushes, and other very unique tools.

For this blog, we’ll focus on the essential YS park cutting and tail Combs.


ys park combs purple set


The Purple Set is great if you love the color purple, however, you can also get this epic set in many other colors or mix and match to create your specific style that will match your vibe or your salon interior. They are available in almost every color you can think of.



These are the essential combs you need if you cut & color. If you are concentrating solely on cutting, you can take out the tail combs.



The 339 Cutting Comb


The 339 Cutting Comb is a smaller comb great for short hair and men’s cuts. It allows for precision work and getting those tight cuts & sections.

It fits your hand like a glove and the shorter tooth allows for easy sectioning.

The holes on the comb make it more comfortable to hold and you can use them to measure as well.

This was the favorite comb of Vidal Sassoon.

YS Park 339 is a top seller and is essential for any tool kit. You won’t be able to live without it.


The 337 Cutting Comb


The 337 cutting comb has round teeth which makes it softer on the scalp. It’s also a fantastic aid when it comes to detangling the hair. 

Since it has wider teeth, it’s essential for dry cutting, scissor-over-comb practicing, and handling very thick hair.


Y.S. Park 335 professional hairstylist comb

The 335 Cutting Comb

335 Is my Best Seller. Its fanatic to use On Long Hair. It’s the Absolute Most Essential YS park comb there is and an absolute must in our Tool Kit.

best tail cutting comb
Y.S. Park 102

101 & 102 Tail Combs


101 & 102 Tail Combs are combs you won’t be able to live without if you’re a colorist.

Use them for a quick tint, weaving & winding!

Both of them are essential combs to help speed up your coloring process. From sectioning, foiling, teasing, and weaving, they save you so much time and make your job so much easier.

You will love the performance, feel, and control you have with the YS Park tail combs.

You should get 101 & 102, play with them, and get to know their personalities.

Some stylists prefer the metal and others prefer the nylon tail. Experience both of them, explore what makes you more comfortable and you will find out what you prefer. You can also use metal for certain types of hair and nylon for others.



150 Teasing Tail Comb


Another essential comb is the 150 Teasing Tail Comb.

This is the absolute best comb to tease and backcomb hair with. The effect it has on hair is amazing. It’s also a fun cutting comb whose long tail section can be used to comb out the hair as well. You should definitely add this comb to your list.



The Internet is flooded with counterfeit YS PARK combs that are cheap Chinese knockoffs. You should make sure to only buy your YS PARK Combs & Clips from reputable dealers and stay away from anyone drop shipping YS Combs from China!

Now, when it comes to the combs we discussed today – they are the essentials. Once you have these, you can start experimenting with other YS Park combs.

Make sure to complete your combs set with color-matching YS Park pro clips.

For the strongest clips in the world try the Shark clips.

Let us know what your favorite combs are and please share this article with a stylist you love!



For the Strongest Clips’ in the World Try the Shark Clips

Let us know what your favorite Combs are and please shear this article with a stylist you love!

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